Mr Uppercut – How to be a Champion

How do you become a wrestling star? 27-year old Erkan still lives with his parents in a small flat in Berlin. He loves wrestling and wants to make it to the top league, USA’s WWE. A hard path lies ahead of him. Will he have what it takes to be a champion? Mr Uppercut is highly aware of its protagonist’s performative qualities and lets him address the audience directly. In the style of a true wrestler, self-confident and hyperbolic, he unravels his story for us. A story which seems to fit almost too well into the mold of the well-known tale of the underdog.

Production Year 2017

Directed by Maximilian Conway
Cinematography Janis Brod
Produced by Viktoria Janssen & Niklas Burghardt
Sound Colin Shaw
Edited by Nikan Salari

WINNER – Best Documentary – 28. Bamberger Kurzfilmtage

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