Janis Brod

Photography & Cinematography

About Janis Brod


Ahoy and welcome to my website! I am a freelance cinematographer and photographer in Berlin & Dresden with a focus on travel documentaries and music videos as well as portrait and landscape photography.

It's hard to tell today when I discovered my love for photography. But a more intensive occupation with the topic began in fall of 2009 after I was stolen my digital camera on a train to Romania and I was left only with an analogue camera and a 50mm lens. With no zoom, no flash and a sensitivity given by the film, I had to learn framing, composing and adapting to the available light. This resulted in the first pictures I was really happy with.

After some time I could afford a digital SLR with a video function and I concentrated more and more on doing motion pictures as well. Today I shoot music videos, event documentaries and commercials as a freelancer and study Cinematography at Filmuniversität Babelsberg.

I find the majority of my inspiration while traveling, which is why I also have a blog for travel reports and photos (in German).